Dog City Issue #1 PDF Collection

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Dog City Issue #1 PDF Collection

Dog City Press
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Every minicomic from Dog City issue #1 in one convenient Mega-PDF! (That's over 150 pages of comics!)

The PDF also includes scans of our poster, postcards and stickers from issue #1.


Pigs Incorporated by Iris Yan

Landing by Ben EvansLuke HealyJosh Lees and Iris Yan

All Set by Simon Reinhardt

Visits by Luke Healy

Helene by Juan Fernandez

Dead Bulb by Mathew New

Starship Booby-Prize by Eleri Mai Harris

Restricted by Ben Gowen


A poster designed by Aaron Shrewsbury

3 screen art cards

3  stickers

16 page magazine

Perfect for catching up before the release of our second issue in September.
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35.8 MB
174 pages
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